About the Classes

Classes at Spanish 4 Kids are tailored to each child’s needs and preferences, ensuring engagement and progress. Every session is meticulously planned to incorporate dynamic activities such as songs, games, and hands-on projects, fostering an environment where learning Spanish and other languages is both enjoyable and effective.

Our classes are divided into three levels:
Level A, for beginners; Level B, for intermediates; and Level C, for advanced learners. Each level is carefully structured to build upon the previous one, ensuring continuity and steady progress over time.

In Level A, emphasis is placed on pronunciation and basic vocabulary acquisition.
Level B expands upon this foundation by incorporating grammar alongside pronunciation and vocabulary.
Level C is designed for students with a strong command of the Spanish language, providing advanced linguistic challenges to further enhance proficiency.

Join us at Spanish 4 Kids and embark on a journey of language discovery tailored to your child’s individual needs and learning style.

For more information, please call (914) 984-3644
or email to info@spanish4k.com